Volax! A unique landscape all over the world. Huge, round, smooth granite rocks scattered everywhere. The geologists say that it emerged from the bottom of the seas some million years ago. And there, in the middle of all these rocks, on the foot of Exomvourgo hill and the Venetian fortress, there is a small peculiar village reminding us of the galactic village of Asterix. Once upon a time, its dwellers were famous basket weavers and some of them still are. While walking through the picturesque streets, you might have a glimpse of them weaving, using bamboo, willow and osier shoots.

Leaving Volax behind, we start hiking in a low difficulty pathway. The route passing near dovecotes and watermills leads to Agape, a catholic village, that keeps its medieval character with arches and traditional houses, narrow alleys and different levels joined by stone steps. There you will enjoy raki or ouzo and a light meal.

The price includes the escort-guide, light meal at the village of Agape and transportations. Departure daily at 10.00 am, return at 3.30 pm.



(3)Are you seeking a memorable experience? Take a tour of Tinos, the hand-made island as it is often referred to, and discover how much diversity a small island can offer.

Get acquainted with the island’s interesting history and blend of cultures, visit medieval villages and lunar landscapes, learn about dovecots and windmills, see how baskets are weaved and marble is carved, taste traditional delicacies and local beverages.

At the end of the day you will be filled with vivid memories that will remain long after you are back home.

Price includes an English speaking guide, transport, entrance fees to museums and all the foods and drinks offered. Departure at 10.00am, return at 17.00pm.