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An exceptional day! An exceptional lunch that you will cook yourselves! With Tinian fresh ingredients coming straight from the garden, you will cook local recipes under the instructions of Thanos and you will enjoy them with the appropriate wines, sitting at a table in the alley, under a beautiful arch, inhaling the fragrance of thyme, basil and mint.

The price includes the escort-interpreter, the ingredients, drinks and transportations. Departure daily at 11.00 am, return at 5.00 pm.



Discover Tinos΄ gastronomical delights on a mesmerizing tour of one of the most beautiful Cycladic islands.

Start your day with an energy boosting breakfast at DIO CHORIA with an amazing view of the surrounding islands.

Enjoy homemade cheese and cold cut delicacies alongside with local wine in the picturesque alleyways of FALATADOS.

The village of VOLAX with its wild, lunar landscape is the perfect place to indulge in homemade traditional sweets.

The tiny vegetable gardens of KOMI and AETOFOLIA provide all the necessary ingredients for fine snacks and luscious main dishes that can be prepared on the spot.

After wandering through the hand-crafted marble streets of PYRGOS, succumb to the famous “galaktoboureko” in the village square.

End your day sipping a cup of Greek coffee or a shot of raki, gazing at the never ending deep blue of the Aegean at ISTERNIA.

Seven unique villages, numerous tasteful surprises. A trip to the gastronomy, history, architecture and tradition of an Aegean island which maintains its authenticity.

Price includes English speaking guide, transport and all the meals and drinks. Daily departure at 10.00 am. Return at 5.00 pm.



Taste, smell, discover. Awaken your senses through a gastronomical tour in the city of Tinos.

Be accompanied by a local guide and walk along the picturesque alleyways of the old town, stop at several food shops, talk to the owners and taste traditional delicacies. Meat and dairy products, vegetables and herbs, drinks and sweets all locally sourced.

End your day with a scrumptious meal at a traditional tavern where good food and good wine will bring good talk.

The tour lasts 4 hours and the price includes an English speaking guide and all foods and drinks offered.