What they include

The Routes of Tinos are designed for small groups of eight (8) to twelve (12) people, ideally known to each other. Of course, they can be run for a smaller number of people with the relevant charge depending on the number of the participants.

In price it is included:

  • Accommodation in small apartments, traditionally –built, and fully equipped (Villa Ghisi, Sea View, Porto Raphael, Cavos, Vega, Big Blue, Elayio, Anemologio) or in small hotels. A rich breakfast with local products and daily room service are included as well.
  • Full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) planned according to the selected routes, in local restaurants and tavernas, in the villages or in Chora. Get ready for some wonderful surprises.
  • Cars (4×4, one per 4 travellers or per two (2) with the relevant charge) will be at your disposal all day round, fuel included.
  • Tickets for ships, buses, museums, and archaeological sites.
  • The escorts / guides, who will be with you from 9.30 am till the end of the day, speak English and French fluently. They will show you around and they will do their best to make your stay a wonderful experience.
  • A partner who speaks your language will meet you at the airport and will accompany you till you get aboard and vice versa.
  • The cost per day depends on the season, the number of people and the accommodation provided and does not have to do with the chosen activities or the length of your stay. For example, for a group of eight, in May, at Villa Ghisi, the cost is 230 euros per night per person but in July the cost is 260 euros per night per person. If Anemologio is chosen, the cost is 180 euros per night per person in May and 220 euros in July.
  • Don’t forget: the cost per night mentioned as example includes all the above mentioned amenities.
  • Flights are not included.

Time schedule for 2018

The schedule includes seven-day-trips and ten-day-trips that are formed when choosing and adding the one-day-routes and the three-day-routes. All the seven-day-trips can turn into eight-day-trips or nine-day-trips.

All the ten-day-trips can turn into thirteen-day-trips. Also, two continuous seven-day-trips can turn into a sixteen-day-trip for those who would like to enjoy all the activities.

The days in bold are unchanged.

Arrival Departure
Wednesday 28/3  (Plan it with us) Wednesday 4/4
Wednesday 4/4  (Plan it with us) Wednesday 11/4
Friday 13/4  (Plan it with us) Monday 23/4
Wednesday 25/4  (Plan it with us) Wednesday 2/5
Wednesday 2/5  (Plan it with us) Wednesday 9/5
Friday 11/5  (Plan it with us) Wednesday 21/5
Wednesday 23/5  (Plan it with us) Wednesday 30/5
Wednesday 30/5  (Plan it with us) Wednesday 6/6
Friday 8/6  (Plan it with us) Monday 18/6
Wednesday 20/6  (Plan it with us) Wednesday 27/6
Wednesday 27/6  (Plan it with us) Wednesday 4/7
Friday 6/7  (Plan it with us) Monday 16/7
Wednesday 18/7  (Three-day route of Architecture,
Route of Marble, Culinary workshop, Archaeological Sites-Museums).
Wednesday 25/7
Wednesday 25/7  (Three-day route of Gastronomy, Route of Marble, Volax-Agape path hiking, Archaeological Sites-Museums). Wednesday 1/8
Friday 3/8  (Three-day route of Architecture, Three-day route of Gastronomy, Route of Marble, Volax-Agape path hiking, Delos). Monday 13/8
Wednesday 15/8  (Three day route of Gastronomy, Route of Marble, Delos, Volax-Agape path hiking). Wednesday 22/8
Wednesday 22/8  (Route of Marble, Three-day route of Marble (marble workshop), Archaeologic Sites-Museums, Delos). Wednesday 29/8
Friday 31/8  (Route of Marble, Three-day route of Architecture, Delos, Three-day route of Gastronomy, Sea trip). Monday 10/9
Wednesday 12/9  (Plan it with us) Wednesday 19/9
Wednesday 19/9  (Plan it with us) Wednesday 26/9
Friday 28/9  (Plan it with us) Monday 8/10
Wednesday 10/10  (Plan it with us) Wednesday 17/10
Wednesday 17/10  (Plan it with us) Wednesday 24/10