Following the route of marble, the first stop is at the Museum of Marble Arts. There you can realise how the Tinian craftsman takes from the quarry a slab of marble and working on it they create statues, fanlights, fountains, iconostasis, tower bells, stadiums and palaces.

Walking through the cemetery of Pyrgos, actually an open-air sculpture museum, that inspired Vassilis Alexakis, a Greek-French writer, to write his book ‘’Avant’’ or “Before”, you reach Pyrgos square to have some coffee, ouzo or raki with sweets or “meze” (snacks). Next stop is at the Giannoulis Halepas’ house, the greatest Greek sculptor, and at the Museum of Tinian artists which is adjacent to it.

The route goes on to the workshops of the village where you will meet one of the sculptors. While working on the marble, he will have a talk with you about the marble, the tools and the secrets of his art. 

The price includes the escort-guide, entrance fees in the museums, light meal at Pyrgos square and transportations. Departure daily at 10.00 am, return at 6.00 pm. 



tirokomika (2)

An exceptional day! An exceptional lunch that you will cook yourselves! With Tinian fresh ingredients coming straight from the garden, you will cook local recipes under the instructions of Thanos and you will enjoy them with the appropriate wines, sitting at a table in the alley, under a beautiful arch, inhaling the fragrance of thyme, basil and mint.

The price includes the escort-interpreter, the ingredients, drinks and transportations. Departure daily at 11.00 am, return at 5.00 pm.




Volax! A unique landscape all over the world. Huge, round, smooth granite rocks scattered everywhere. The geologists say that it emerged from the bottom of the seas some million years ago. And there, in the middle of all these rocks, on the foot of Exomvourgo hill and the Venetian fortress, there is a small peculiar village reminding us of the galactic village of Asterix. Once upon a time, its dwellers were famous basket weavers and some of them still are. While walking through the picturesque streets, you might have a glimpse of them weaving, using bamboo, willow and osier shoots.


Leaving Volax behind, we start hiking in a low difficulty pathway. The route passing near dovecotes and watermills leads to Agape, a catholic village, that keeps its medieval character with arches and traditional houses, narrow alleys and different levels joined by stone steps. There you will enjoy raki or ouzo and a light meal.

The price includes the escort-guide, light meal at the village of Agape and transportations. Departure daily at 10.00 am, return at 5.00 pm.




A sea voyage by caique boat to discover virgin beaches and swim in crystal waters. Departure from the port of Tinos and destination, along the coastline, one of our wonderful beaches that are not accessible by car. Lunch at Giannaki Bay (Kardiani). Going back home, we admire the sunset.

Available for eight to twelve (8 – 12) people. The price includes the escort-interpreter,  refreshment drinks, ouzo and meze (offered while aboard), supper and drinks (menu) at the restaurant ”Ntinos”. Departure daily from the port of Tinos at 12.30 pm, return at 7.30 pm. 



kionia naos

A route that begins from the Sanctuary of Poseidon and Amphitrite, leads to the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Tinian Artists, the Gallery, and ends at the permanent exhibition of Giannoulis Halepas.

In the town of Tinos, called Chora, you will have the opportunity to become familiar with the place from the Antiquity till today, walking through narrow streets, over small bridges, past fountains, dovecotes, churches and old houses. It is a route that joins the life of the past with the life of the present.

Looking carefully behind the new constructions and additions, you can admire exceptional buildings dating back to all historical periods.

The price includes the escort-guide,  entrance fees in the museums, transportations, coffee or refreshment drinks. Departure daily at 10.00 am, return at 3.00 pm.




The sacred island of the Antiquity, the island of Apollo and Dianne, the seat of the Athenian Alliance waits for you to visit it. To stand enchanted in front of the Lions Avenue, to admire the mosaics, the baths, the theatre, the aqueducts, the houses and the temples of the ancients. A guided tour -a life experience – highlights the historical continuity in Greece, a country where the language, the customs and culture have travelled through the centuries from the past to the present.

Depending on the weather, we will travel to Delos, either directly by our hired boat or via Mykonos.

By our hired boat. Departure daily at 09.00 am, return at 18.00 pm. The price includes a stop to have a swim at the island of Rinia, ouzo and meze aboard, the entrance fees in the archaeological site and the escort. 

Via Mykonos. Departure daily at 09.00 am, return at 18.00 pm. The price includes the transportation fees, guided tour in the archaeological site of Delos and the escort.



Is there any better than fresh fish? Yes. There is. The fish that you caught by yourselves! Stars in the sky, moonlight, crystal waters at dawn watching the sunrise, fishing…..A unique experience at the Aegean Sea, learning the old techniques, “grabbing” the secrets of captain Stelios.

The price includes the escort-interpreter, coffee and breakfast aboard and lunch with seafood and wine in a fish restaurant at Chora. Available for six to eight (6 – 8) people. Departure daily at 4.30 am, return at 11.00 am.